Executive Protection – Preparing Individuals for the Industry

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I am pleased you have allowed me to teach you the corporately sound EP (executive protection) principles presented in this short article. In it I share techniques and skills that will assist individuals who are on their way to the top or who have already arrived in the field of international corporate EP.

Once you have arrived at a top job job within the industry, you're expected to know what to do on international assignments. Often I find agents on international assignments surprised and bewildered. Their early security and work experience has not prepared them for their international roles. You've been hired for your skills; Now you have to develop a whole new set of international competencies – things that do not teach you outside the industry.

You need to discover the techniques and skills used on the international circuit. You need to shorten your learning curve in the industry, eliminate the pain of trial and error, execute corporately sound principals and look and act like a seasoned professional while on international assignments. Not having corporately sound international skills is a major liability in the industry. No individual that is serious about this industry on the international corporate scale would ignore a liability.

If you want to make a smooth transition into this industry you should take note. Start doing the things that build your skills beyond the basics – corporately sound, on the international level and extremely effective. Executing corporately sound principals can be obtained by studying professional manuals in the industry, as well as going to academies and workshops. Good luck and God speed, I know you will make it in this industry!