Tuning a block plane is often an overlooked practice. By this I mean many woodworkers, myself included at one time, will buy a block plane, take it home and start using it right from the box. While some brands have come a long way towards selling a product that is actually ready for use, there is still the potential to gain much more from it. To many woodworkers, the process of taking a brand new plane, or even an older one, and spending a couple hours on tuning it seems to be a waste of time. I used to feel that way myself. That is, until I finally got around to giving it a try. At this point I realized just how important it really is to getting the most out of the tool. A properly tuned plane will glide through the wood with remarkable ease. Even planning the end […]

Room lighting control is an important aspect for home theaters – especially if you have a front-projector and screen set-up. Video projectors often demand a controlled lighting situation due to the lower brightness of their displays. Room ambiance is another important function of lighting during a viewing as you most likely do not want your guests to sit in darkness (unless it is a really creepy horror flick). Refracted room lighting is a consideration as well as you do not want a glare on the screen – whether it be ambient light from a window or purely reflections of a lamp inside your room. Ambient window lighting is major when determining your living room layout or designing a dedicated viewing room. A dedicated room would of course be best without windows altogether – if you have the luxury of designing a room from scratch. Glare Control and Picture Enhancement Room […]

More and more children in Queensland are being injured in the home and yet what is amazing is that the rooms most parents think are benign are some of the most dangerous areas for children. In this article we are going to look at some of the danger areas parents need to look at when making their house safe. For 20 years, both the state and national governments in Austraila have run safety campaigns for parents on the home yet there are some really basic areas that are being missed. Most people know that the key danger areas in the home are the bathroom, kitchen and garage. First Aid Organizations like Lifesaving Australia and my own company, One-on-One Professional Business Training will tell you that the bathroom is an incredibly dangerous area in the home for drowning. More children under 5 die due to drowning in the home than any […]

Whatever your background, your education, your previous employment, your gender or your life experience everyone starting a home-based internet business is beginning on a level playing field. Perhaps someone who background is in some form of offline marketing has certain advantages because of their understanding of the marketing process but they will still have many new skills to acquire especially in respect of the technical side of the business. There will be newcomers to the business who background is in computer technology. They will have certain advantages with regard to the technical aspects of the business but will still have to learn about the marketing and copywriting side of things. There will be others who come from the retail trade. They will have a useful experience when it comes to the actual selling but will find many new things that they need to learn to acquire a comprehensive picture of […]

I am pleased you have allowed me to teach you the corporately sound EP (executive protection) principles presented in this short article. In it I share techniques and skills that will assist individuals who are on their way to the top or who have already arrived in the field of international corporate EP. Once you have arrived at a top job job within the industry, you're expected to know what to do on international assignments. Often I find agents on international assignments surprised and bewildered. Their early security and work experience has not prepared them for their international roles. You've been hired for your skills; Now you have to develop a whole new set of international competencies – things that do not teach you outside the industry. You need to discover the techniques and skills used on the international circuit. You need to shorten your learning curve in the industry, […]

The device used in sounding is known as the sound. The device is inserted into the urethra at the tip of the penis. When inserted correctly the tip of the sound will close close to the prostate and with manipulation will provide enhanced sensations to the user of the device. The history of the sound is that it was created to be used after a male contracted gonorrhea. The device would open the urethra so the male would have an easier way to urinate due to scarring brought on from the disease. Today, it is used as a male sex toy instead of medical purposes. To use a sound the male needs to lie on his back with a soft penis. You should not use a sound if the penis is hard. If the penal becomes hard, the sound should stay in place until the penis is soft again. Always […]

How Self-Storage Can Help Your Business LaTely more and more small and large businesses have turned to self-storage over warehouses for their storage needs. There are a few different reasons for this switch including more flexibility, better security, better maintenance policies, and more accessibility. With so many different facilities operating, and the various features each facility offers, businesses need to inform themselves on what to look for in a self-storage company as well as what to do to prepare the contents for storage. Preparations vary according to the items being stored and the length of time of the storage. This article will discuss the various features of self-storage as they refer to small and large business owners looking for a better solution over the typical warehouse facility. How Is Business Self-Storage Different From Warehouse Storage Warehouses allow people to rent a certain amount of space, or a unit, to store […]

When I started building, I, like a lot of beginners, would spend time and money purchasing land and / or house plans only to find out later (sometimes, sadly, in the middle of construction) that I had made a terrible mistake. Either I had purchased the wrong location or I was forced to incur costs that I had not planned on or I could not afford to build the home based on the plans I had purchased. To minimize the money and time I would lose up front, I've learned to do "preliminary planning." In this lesson, you'll find out how to answer the most important question to start the ball rolling, "What size home can you afford to build?" Once you know this, you can now begin the process of purchasing the "right lot" and the "right set of house plans." A. What Size Home Should You Build Before […]

The number of people looking for a home based business is growing rapidly. The economic conditions of today have caused a huge wave of people looking for some type of monetary relief. Many of those people have never run a regular business much less a home based business. They are motivated enough to take the time, effort and sometimes the risk of learning on the go. Trying to figure it all out by themselves. Although the effort and initiative are commendable it is a bit like going to a strange new country. You need to learn a new language, a new set of laws, [rules] almost everything is new and different. You need to learn what is acceptable and good and what new things you need to avoid to stay out of trouble. If you have no one to help – you will have to learn by trail and error. […]

The length of a novel should depend on two things, and two things only: 1) It should be long enough to qualify as a novel; And 2) It should be just long enough to tell your story. Too many authors try to stretch their novels into 200,000-word epics, only to bore their readers to tears. Others try to get the entire story over with in 50,000 words, leaving out valuable information. A novel should be just long enough to tell your story, but long enough so that all of the details are included. Even the shortest novels, however, should be at least 50,000 words. Any shorter than that, and the novel becomes a novella. Anything less than 10,000 words is a short story. Although there really are no set "rules" for length of a manuscript, 50,0000-150,000 words is a safe bet. If your novel is more than 150,000 words, you […]