As far as health-related professions are concerned, protection from pathogens is a growing concern, and textiles with antimicrobial properties are becoming more desirable. Fungi or similar other insects are responsible for lethal infections and allergic reactions. Despite the production of antimicrobial textile products; Three inherent problems remain: * Demonstration of efficiency, * Claiming efficiency in a manner that does not invite legal challenge and, * Maintain efficiency over the lifetime of the textile and through generations of microbial challenges. These problems may be restated as how to test and present the results of the testing, how to make the effect durable, and how to avoid microbial resistance to the treatment. These problems combine so that in spite of the obvious commercial and advertising potential, effective, durable, inexpensive, and safe biocidal textiles are not readily available in the market. It is of note that one promising compound which has been appearing […]